Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am so done...

with summer vacation. While I think it's great that the kids get a break from school, my 8 year old is completely out of control. He has a daily list of chores (simple things, feed dog, water plants, dust, make bed, brush teeth, clean up toys, etc), plus he does a page out of a workbook to prepare for 3rd grade. Nothing major...I mean, I clean toilets, scrub floors, do laundry and dishes, cook meals, and take care of 2 almost toddlers (plus a wide variety of other things). I don't complain about it...I just do it. I don't want to get behind on things, so I keep doing it. He complains about everything. He can play for 8 hours, but the second that he stops (for dinner or camp ends, or the friend goes home), he's angry and screaming that it's not fair. We got home yesterday from camp, and within 1 hour, he had 3 meltdowns with tears and all. I deal with 14 month olds all day and they cried less. I realize that it was a difficult transition for him after the babies were born, but after a year, you'd think he'd figure it out. Or maybe I'm just thinking he's more grown up than he really is.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What is up...

With all of these celebrities having children out of wedlock? Don't get me wrong, it's not like I have an issue with single moms (or dads). I have nothing but respect (and awe) for them. I think I have an issue with these people, who are supposed to be role models, having sex (and unprotected sex at that) and getting pregnant. It's ridiculous! These people should be more aware of what they are doing, not only behind closed doors, but in front of the camera. Yes, I know, celebrities being responsible isn't going to make "regular" people responsible. But, it might help. I think I am more concerned about the younger generation. I mean, even though there are warnings on cigarette packs, teenagers still smoke. They are more interested in getting on YouTube even if it means being drunk and stupid. I still live my life in order to make my parents (along with myself and kids) proud. There are times that I ask myself a simple question - "What will my mom think?". I look at these videos and while they are funny, I always wonder what their parents think about it or if they've seen it. I just hope some of them don't expect to run for office in the future. :)

What I've learned...

I am, by far, NOT a super coupon clipper. I do clip coupons for the stuff that I would normally buy and I buy store brand for some things. Saying that, I use specific hair products, tooth paste, tooth brushes, and laundry detergent. I also use specific diapers. However, I have learned where to find sales. For the most part, diapers are less expensive at BJs. I don't shop at CostCo or Sams, but I figure they are probably pretty close in price. BJs has a super pack for diapers (we use Pampers) which usually have an instant coupon, along with a coupon in their book. Because I am extremely lucky, I get the diaper coupons from some of my friends and family. So, right now, I have 4 full boxes of diapers. But, I saved $36 on them. It's 144 diapers (Size 4) for $38.
I usually buy bread at BJs as well. They have 2 loaves for $3.98, so I buy 1-2 of them and put them in my freezer. Sometimes, ShopRite has bread on sale too, and when they do, I stock up. Milk is another good purchase from BJs. It's $2.51 a gallon for Whole Milk and $2.37 a gallon for 2%. At Giant (for instance), they have the deal about buy 6 and get 1 free, but their milk is $2.99. So, even if I buy 6 gallons at BJs, I still save more.
As for paper plates, Walmart, Target, or even ShopRite have better prices than BJs. Paper towels are a toss up too. Sometimes BJs has a really good coupon and you get free stuff with it. :)
I'm sure there are tons more examples...but I have to go do some other stuff. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Exercise sucks..

So, here I am, sitting at my computer while Will plays with Alex and the little boys play in their playpen. I've resolved to make myself happier by eating better, exercising, and playing more with the kids. I played with Will today after I brought him home from school after his party. And I hung out with the little boys and let them crawl all around me. I got that EA Active for Wii and it's kicking my butt. I like it, but my only complaint is that sometimes, it doesn't pick up that I did the exercise. I don't know if it is the remotes or where I am standing, but I hate having to redo the silly thing. :) At least I am sleeping better... :) I am trying to eat better...eating more fruit and vegetables, drinking more water, and staying away from the fast food and junk food. I think this is the hardest thing to do. I allow myself to have a piece of chocolate here and there, so I don't go too crazy. :) I am just a snacker...I love to snack. Here a cracker, there a granola bar, here some gold's hard not to do that. :) I try to grab an apple or banana. Hopefully, I will start to get back into shape...stupid Wii..

Monday, June 1, 2009

I need to..

be more open to schedule changes. I've been so into our routine that I am afraid that to change it. But if I don't change it, I'll be a slave to it and I don't want that for the summer months. I want to do some fun things and if I am forced to stick to our routine, I am not going to be able to enjoy them. My biggest fear is that the little boys won't get enough to eat or sleep. I know, they'll let me know when they are hungry or tired (they usually do anyways), but it's just more difficult because there are two of them. Each milestone brings me a wash of relief and hopes that things will become easier or least a little more convenient. Only two major milestones to go, walking and talking. They are so close, but just aren't quite there yet. That's ok for now..I have a hard enough time catching up to two crawling kids. I can't imagine chasing after two running kids. I only have a couple more weeks until summer officially begins and all 3 kids are home and need to be entertained. I guess I better get to changing! : )