Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just for the record...

I have swept the floor (again), cleaned the counter off, and changed more diapers. T1 wouldn't lie still, so the count is up to 7 right now. I took out some chicken for dinner, which will probably end up in the slow cooker for tomorrow. I took my Viactiv and had a glass of water. I saw something on Dr. Oz (not that I watch this regularly) that peaked my interest so I went online. Then I watched the segment about Poop. That was informative. :) Then I tried to find what I went online for and I couldn't find it, so I googled it. I learned that the detergents that I use are NPE free anyways. So, I felt better and went on my way. I started cleaning up the dining room and the boys woke up. T1 and T2 are now in their playroom while BB complains about not being able to play his friend, his homework, and any number of things. I gave the boys a snack of milk and animal crackers in their playroom. I guess that means I will have to vacuum their rug tonight. I had plans to cut some fabric, but I am sort of at a loss for what to do with it. I did get some of my pictures from Shutterfly today. My Book of Quilts is almost updated...I just need a picture of Terry's Quilt. I'm starting to wind down...I think I need a boost, but if I drink anymore tea, I'll be awake until 1 AM...and that isn't going to end well. At least my Mom is coming up tomorrow. BB is having an issue with his homework. He didn't follow the directions and now he's upset because he has to redo something. He's trying his best to get out of it, but it's not working. I've let Thing 1 and Thing 2 out of the playroom and they are loose. God give me the strength. It's 4:42 PM.

Doing nothing...

So, after we got back from the mall, I made lunch for the boys. Before I put them in their highchairs, I changed diapers. If you're keeping count, I've changed 6 diapers so far today. I put my shoes on to braek them in. Today's lunch was PBJ, banana and milk. T1 finished his lunch and promptly fell asleep. T2 finished his lunch and wanted more. I cleaned them up and put them up in their cribs. T1 was sound asleep, so T2 and I sat in the rocker and read a book - a beautiful luxury. Then, it was nap time. Tommy was kind enough to bring me lunch (a Wawa shorti turkey sub) and we sat and chatted for a few minutes (well, it was mostly me - I love to talk). After lunch, Tommy left and I cleaned up the trays (second time today) and did a general cleaning. I enjoyed some quiet time in the potty, replaced the battery in the scale (should have left it dead), and changed into shorts. Then I sat down at the computer and fished (Fish Wrangler on FB). Then I got an email from my high school alumni site and it made me think of some dear friends of mine from HS. So, I took a few minutes (ok, about 15) and did some searches. I think I might have found one of them, so I sent them a message. I miss them terribly. Oh well, we'll have to wait to hear back. I've been trying to make some changes on my Fantasy FB league, but Yahoo doesn't seem to be working very well on my laptop. Oops, spoke too soon, working fine now. Too bad I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to Fantasy Football. :) Oh well, I wanted to clean up a little and cut some fabric. So it's time to look away from the computer for a little bit. It's 1:45 PM.

I love it when a plan comes together...

I got my shoes AND they have pink on them. The irony is that the pink is surrounded by blue. Hehehe.. :) Plus I got more socks for the twins, a Redskins shirt for BB and a battery for my scale (not sure why yet). Now, I'm taking a few minutes to write about our trip to the mall before lunch. So, we left here a little before 10 and got the mall right when the stores were opening. We started with our snack and it was yummy. The boys like to look at the light fixtures and shove pretzel pieces in their mouths. I tried something new with their drinks...I premade their sippy cups and it worked AWESOME! After our snack we walked around the mall, looked at boots (well the lack of anyway), Webkinz, and other stuff. Our last stop was to get my shoes and they had them! Yeah Finish Line! And someone asked me right away if they could get me anything. Today has totally restored my faith in Customer Service. So, all in all, it has been a good day. Now it's lunch time and I'm glad that I cleaned up before I left. :) It's 11:29 AM.

Why?? For the love of Pete, why???

So, I used the ottomans and closed off the Family Room, laid out the quilt and grabbed some toys to keep T1 and T2 entertained while I get them changed and dressed. Then I actually managed to get them dressed. I leave the space for 2 seconds to come over to the computer to see if anything good is happening and what do you think they do? Kieran grabs the wipee container and proceeds to remove all of the wipes. He doesn't like how they taste, so I guess that's a good thing. At least they are clean and look adorable. Plus, if we leave now, we'll make it to the mall in time for it to open and we can have a pretzel as a snack. I must remember to bring juice cups today. The fastest way to ruin a bottle of water is to let them try to drink out of it. Lesson learned...yeah! Off to the mall..let's see if I can make it today. I've gathered juice boxes and cups along with my diaper bag. It's 9:47 AM.

I smell something...

Not sure if it's the dog or a child. Well, my hair is clean, my legs are shaved and lotioned, my teeth are brushed, and I'm wearing clean clothes. Life is good! Thank goodness for the little things. The twins are playing together in their tunnel...until a neat song came on the TV, now they are watching TV though the bars of the gate. Where's that camera??!? The mall doesn't open until 10, so I have about an hour to play and get the boys changed and dressed. Keeva has to go out too! Three of the most difficult tasks...
Dinner! I have to take something out for dinner. No one really likes my cooking anyways, so I'm not sure what to take out.
I updated my Twitter and FB statuses (or is it stati), so now my day can begin. LOL! It's 9:05 AM.

Morning Part 2

So, I ran upstairs to get ready...this consisted of grabbing a pair of jeans and a bra. I have to run Will to the bus stop and I certainly can't do it in pajamas. In my travels, I released the hound (DH shuts the door the bedroom so Keeva gets locked in) and tried to motivate BB. At least the hound was happy to see me. Ok, the dog has been fed, trays have been cleaned, dishwasher emptied and kitchen quasi-cleaned. BB is dressed and T1 and T2 are playing...not quietly. It's 8:13 and I've changed 2 diapers and they've had 2 fights over toys. The good part was that no parental intervention was necessary. Thank goodness! DH left for the day and BB is almost out of here too! Not that I'm happy that he's leaving, but it gives me a chance to play with the twins and get a few "me" things done. Plus, I really need new shoes. My tennis shoes have holes and need insoles badly (I've already replaced them once). Besides, I'm going to walk 3.1 miles in about a's time for new shoes. I am an ASICS girl. I started wearing their running shoes about 5 years ago (at least) and I love them. They have awesome arch support and make my feet feel great. Plus, they have pink ones (sometimes). So, I'm looking for the next step up from what I have now (GT-2130) and some stores just don't carry them. I think I found a store at our mall that has them, so that will be our morning trip. Unless the skies open up or something else goes wrong. :) Will's on the bus, the boys are I think I might go and get cleaned up. It's 8:26 AM.

It's what time?

I guess I picked a "fun" day to follow, huh? I was awaken by the grunts and coos of the twins around 6 AM this morning only to lie there and listen to them for a little bit, mumbling "five more minutes" praying they would hear (and listen to) me. :) So after about 25 minutes, I got up to take care of business. Then I headed to the twins' room to see if I could persuade (hold and/or rock) them back to sleep. No such luck. I did manage to score a few minutes of rest while holding Thing 2, but he decided that Thing 1's crib looked better. Then as I put him into Thing 1's crib, Thing 1 decided that I looked better. So, I brought Thing 1 down for a diaper change and breakfast. One diaper change later, he was strapped into his highchair, supplied with Apple Jacks and a bib, and I was off to get #2. In the meantime, Big Brother has made his way downstairs, found breakfast, and was perched on the couch watching cartoons. Back up the stairs for Thing 2...a diaper change later (that would be #2) and we're ready for breakfast. DH is in the kitchen, BB is on the couch, and T1 and T2 are in their highchairs, so it's time for my breakfast. Today I chose waffles and iced tea (strictly for the caffeine). Then I decide to look up the mall to see if any store would happen to have my shoes (and please, please, please have them on sale). But first, I have to answer my Chesapeake Mommies Harford County Trivia for the day (Thanks Shari). The answer was Farmer's Market. Then the boys are done breakfast and off to the play room. T1 was trying to poop, but nothing was in his diaper (I'm sure he make up for it later). Trying to persuade BB to do some of his AM chores now so that he doesn't have to run around right before he leaves for school - yeah, a losing battle. ARGH! He just doesn't listen...or understand. I'm sure he can hear, but he's a stubborn little boy. Oh well, c'est la vie! Onward we must push...otherwise we stand still.
Hermit crabs are watered, washed and returned to their cage. They are some ugly little things. They look prehistoric.
My morning routine is at a stand still this morning until caffeine kicks in OR everyone leaves. The time is now 7:53 AM.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One day in the life..

of me. Tomorrow, I will start when I wake up and write about whatever I do. I'll try to spare of the silly details, but I just want to see what I do and if it's interesting. :) More later! Don't forget to sponsor me for the Race for The is here!