Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Ok, so I was doing well with keeping up with the blog, but then life stepped in and decided to speed things up a little.  A little catch up, I am still a Pampered Chef Consultant, I am still running, and my kids are still crazy.  For the past few days, I have been fighting a cold which has been kicking my ass.  As much as I would love to blame the little kids in the twins preschool class, this is probably the result of not enough sleep, poor diet, and stress.  I have been throwing Vitamin C at it hoping to recover before Sunday, but the lack of sleep isn't helping at all.  I've been trying more fruits and veggies too.  Today, I am going to ignore the fact that I don't feel great and go for a run since this is the last day I will have to run before the RFTC on Sunday.    This is how I feel today...and yes, there are tissues in my pockets and all over the house.  No fever, but sinuses are congested.  And my poor nose... UGH.

Really, I went close to a year without being sick, and now I've been sick twice in a month.  It must be the twins' preschool.  I have been a Parent Helper 4 times in the past month.  LOL!  Oh well, I'll get over it - eventually.  I have far too much to do in the next month.  There are TPC shows, a trip to NYC with hubby, the last soccer game for the little boys, a trip to a Pumpkin Farm, and of course, more running (maybe).  Not to mention all of the normal stuff that needs to get done.  Well, the kids are totally insane and calling me at the same I am outta here.  More later.