Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ahhhh...Spring Cleaning!

I have been so busy cleaning that I haven't had a lot of free time to write much.  But, the storeroom and basement are cleaned up (not 100%) but a hell of a lot closer to clean than messy.  The dining room is done...and I can use it as a dining room OR I can start sewing again.  I even cleaned up my craft room, the linen closet, and the kids' closets.  W's room even got a good cleaning.  I have so many ideas floating around in my head...plus I have been on Pinterest.  It's been a long time coming.  I can't wait to start sewing again.  I just figured I'd bring my bin of scrap fabric down and start piecing things together so I can make some quilts.  I do have a couple of quilts to finish too.  I can't wait to post photos of projects instead of my crazy kids and the messes they make.

11 days until the Hero Rush.  Do or Die!  Team Lauren's Luggage is going to work together to finish together!  I'm definitely looking forward to it now.  I'm as ready as I am going to be right now.  :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

I survived...

Amazingly enough, I have survived both birthday parties for the boys.  We'll have to see how the rest of the month goes...

I am darn lucky that I didn't lose my mind.  :)  And I survived them without Sweet Tea and while doing 3100 squats, over 1200 sit-ups, and over 500 push-ups.  Pretty impressive feat (especially the sweet tea part).  

It's liquid crack.  I was totally off it for 46 days...and that's all I could stand.  LOL!  Seriously!  I would probably do worse with chocolate, but I started craving it about a week before Easter.  

Now I am getting the house in order.  I started cleaning out the storeroom.  I would have taken photos of before and after, but I was totally embarrassed by the mess.  I really need to get cleaned up and organized.  The sad thing is I want to go back to work, but then I don't want to go back to work.  I like being at home and I like the upcoming freedom I will have when the little boys go to Kindergarten.  But then, I am afraid that I will go mental because I will have a lot of free time.  Plus, I really like the idea of working because it will bring in the extra money.  I like being a Pampered Chef Consultant, but I don't have the time (or energy) to go full-time and do 6-8 shows a month to make the money I want to make.  It's fun to do part-time though.   We'll see how it goes...I want to have a fun summer since it's the last one before the twins go to school!  I definitely see a some amusement parks this year!  

But first, there are two 5Ks in my way.  One will probably kill me.  LOL!  And the other will probably blind me.  First up is the Hero Rush (a 5K+ Obstacle Course that puts you through the paces of a day in the life of a firefighter) on May 4.  The next weekend is the Color Run in Baltimore.  :)  Woohoo!  It'll be great!