Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What the doodle?

Wow!  Twice in a month, it must be a record.  I have been a little crazy lately.  I went a little bonkers with the couponing and have now stocked my house for the next month - and saved a bit of cash in the process.  I didn't do anything new - I talked to a friend and read up on the deals at  I certainly didn't re-invent the wheel.  I found out that someone else is leaving the office where I used to work.  Not much I can do...I wouldn't mind helping out, but I have no intention of working out of the home full-time until the kids can stay by themselves or can manage together (or unless I have to).  Not that I haven't before, but I really appreciate the fact that I can stay at home and take care of the kids.  They are now at a really fun age - semi-dependent.  I think we are finally done with pull-ups (of course since I got a really good deal on them and bought 4 packs).  Please don't mistake that for a complaint, it's definitely not.  It's just par for the course.

D has even started kicking in the pool and putting his face in the water.  K, not so much.  We'll get there...just like their older brother.

I have so many things going on right now, I have 3 notebooks to keep them straight.  What's funny is that if I even dare mention them to a "working" person, they would roll their eyes into the back of their head.  I mean, with the absence of an actual paying job, I split my time playing with the kids, doing genealogy research, couponing, scrapbooking, sewing, and planning for the next car trip/mini vacation or sport.  It's really sad, but the crafts take a lot of planning.  LOL!  Don't judge me, I know I am a loser.  :)

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