Sunday, August 25, 2013

Still waiting..

I applied months ago, but with a new Executive Director being hired, the position I applied for will have to wait until after he starts.  Oh well...

And this week, my little boys will start Kindergarten!  I don't think I could be more scared and more excited at the same time.  It's a totally overwhelming experience.  I mean, my playmates, my distractions, and my entertainment will be in school leaving me to be able to get things done.  Now, that's scary.  LOL!

I am figuring I have another week before I find out if I will go back to work, so that leaves me about 3 days to get the house in order.

Stop laughing at me!  I will be happy to get a shower, eat a meal, and not have to yell at anyone every 5 minutes.  :)  Small pleasures.